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Residential Painting

Painter for a Day

Our painter for a day is a service we offer when you only have a a few small painting projects that need to be completed in one day. We will send out one of our crafstmen to come to your home and complete an array of painting projects. Wondering what we can do?  Just ask!

Our 1-Day Painter Includes:

    • A fully-trained Painter Craftsman
    • A full 8 hours of Quality Painting Craftsmanship
    • Inside or Outside of your Home

Our Painter for a Day can:

    • Paint a standard Guest Bathroom or Kitchen
    • Paint Doors
    • Touch-up your Door Frames or Baseboards
    • Paint Exterior Trim, Patio Walls and more
    • Pressure Wash Walkways, Driveways or other Exterior Surfaces

You supply the paint and point at what you’d like painted and we’ll do the painting!

Choose a half day (4 Hours of painting for $249*) or a full day (8 hours of painting for $399*), or 2 painters for a full day (8 hours of painting for $749*),

*Within Orange County excludes Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside Counties.

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