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How to get a Quick Wallpaper Installation Quote

We know getting quotes for home improvement projects can sometimes be time consuming and a difficult process.  

The first consideration in the process for selecting wallcovering is to know how much material you need. We have developed a way to get you a fast wallcovering quote for your material and labor. To get a fast quote we need some information to help better serve you. This is the quickest way with the best price.

With the information below, you will then contact us either through our form or give us a call and we can give you a Quick Wallpaper Quote.

3 factors that affect installation price and material quantity


1) Material Type – Type of wallpaper

If you provide the manufacturer and pattern number, we can look up all the accompanying information.

If you do not know the manufacturer or pattern number, we will need a little more information such as below.

 Type of wallcovering  Material Width  Pattern Repeat  Packaged size  Increments sold by
 Example:  Pre-pasted Vinyl  20″ wide  18″ vertical  Double Rolls  Single Roll


2) Area –  Square feet of wall space to cover

 Space name and area of material  Ceiling height Dimensions  # of openings  Special Details
 Example:  bathroom all walls  8′ height   5′ L x 8′ W  1 door 1 window & vanity   bullnose corners & complex angles
Emailing us a picture can also be helpful.


3) Surface/ Prep– What is on the surface of the wall?

Painted with light texture

Existing wallcovering (how many layers)

Any items on the wall need to be removed and reset (window coverings, TV’s, wall-hanging art)

Access to surface that is getting wallcovering (furniture moved)


How much does wallpaper installation cost?

Minimum trip charge is $340 within Orange County

Typical bathroom is $350-450 within Orange County

Typical Bedroom/Office is $550-650 within Orange County

None of the prices above include removal of old wallpaper nor do they include the price of wallcovering material.